Bugatti Veyron

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  • speaker_notes Installation

    1- if you want install Replace version read readme.txt inside Replace folder
    tuning parts not work with this

    2- if you want install Add-on version read readme.txt inside Add-on folder
    i recommend this, all parts work fine

  • event_note Changelog

    V6.0 Final
    - make Add-on Version
    - Add 6 tuning parts
    - Change wheels and rims
    - Add new Handling
    - Polsihing and More...

    - Make Template, can anyone design custom texture
    - modify size to smaller
    - change black rims to color2
    - change rear bumper to carbon
    - Add glass and light for counter
    - Fix quality and position of mirror
    - Fix tint glass in outside and interrior
    - Fix custom wheels out in body
    - Fix camera position
    - Fix rear lights bug
    - Fix Dirt and dust and burn
    - Fix Collisions
    - Polsihing and More...

    - Fix Rear Lights Bug

    - Now Bugatti is bigger like in real life
    - Change old Wheels and Rims
    - All Glass can Breakable
    - Change All lights and polish it
    - Fix bugatti hidden when you step away
    - Fix indicator not work in previous versions
    - Fix Cameraview in 3rd person and first person too
    - Polishing Automatic Spoiler
    - More...

    V3.3 Hotfix
    - Fix windscreen not Breakable
    - Fix high camera view
    - add carrier for spoiler

    - Remove old spoiler and create new smart-spoiler ( now spoiler automatic open/close when going fast or stop )
    - Remove Extra3 ( now you can make convertible by disable Extra2 only and smart-spoiler will work with it also )
    - Finally, All Glass breakable
    - More realistic for interior
    - Change Exhaust to chrome
    - Edit places for neons

    - Add Extra2 and Extra3 to make convertible bugatti and close spoiler place
    - Fix bonnet

    - Release

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